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Brain Behavior Institute 2009 - Schedule


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Opportunity for kids- pass it on!

Opportunity FYI for kids

Hi Everyone,

I hope you can help me spread the word to any 13-17 year olds that you know (and their parents)... The MEERWALD is scheduled to leave on two awesome summer camps - July 20-24th from Liberty State Park to Beach Haven and July 27-31 from Beach Haven to Cape May. Each is a Monday through Friday with a special sail for the parents of the campers on Friday afternoon.

There are a bunch of spaces left and we are offering a $150 'Recession Discount' to anyone who books between now and the start of camp. Regularly $750, now $600 for 5 days and 4 nights of potentially life-changing experiences -- character building, challenging, educational and FUN!

Kids get to be in tune with their natural surroundings in a way that is nearly impossible in this digital age. At sea, they learn teamwork, environmental ethics and accountability all while experiencing life as it was in the age of sail - surrounded by beauty, accompanied by dolphins at times, learning the age old maritime skills practiced by our fore bearers for centuries. The schooner is a microcosm of the planet - serving as a hands on environmental/marine laboratory as days are framed by the wind, tides, weather and shipboard rituals.

In addition to the $150 off, there are several additional scholarships to kids willing to submit an application.

Please help me spread the word - I hate for these camps to go without a boatload of kids.


Meghan E. Wren

Executive Director
Bayshore Discovery Project
2800 High Street, Bivalve
Port Norris, NJ 08349
856.785.2060 x106

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What is our brain telling us? What are we telling our students?

What comes into ouir head through our eyes is just a part of what the brain uses to interpret what the real word is about. Humans have developed perceptions based in the amount of light let in by our eyes, but the brain uses other tools to tell us what we are seeing. Stephanie Wall (BMC biology student) wrote in 2002: "Ordinary reality, then, can be defined as the best sense the brain can make at a given time about fundamentally ambiguous information from the physical world. "*

In the classroom, students may look at us as if we are fundamentally ambiguous! Students then make whatever sense they can of what we are teaching, and apply this to their schematic memory- if they understand what we're talking about!



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7/14 PM Session 14

All of the boxes are interacting for almost everything / anything...pedagogy and andragogy continue to be emergent.

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