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Mitch Schwartz Post 2

BBI Teacher's picture
30 Jul 2003


Welcome to my Literacy class. This webpage will, hopefully, evolve and change as the year progresses.

First, I'd like to take you to some places on the Internet. So click on the links and enjoy...

You can join my message board website. Use the class key:P62993P72. _Wait!_ Don't go there yet-- first copy the class key I just gave you. Okay, *now* go. Nicenet

*Here is an American History project that you can try:*

Battles of the American Revolution

Let's take a look at the Philadelphia Public School calendar for the year. You can use it to keep track of the days you'll be off from school:

School Calendar

This year, in my class, we'll be reading a lot of short stories and poems, but also some novels. If you'd like to know a little about these novels, go to the links below:

Nothing But The Truth

Somewhere In The Darkness

The Giver

The Outsiders

Okay, how about doing some writing with me. I didn't say "for me", I said'"with me." Just go through the doorway below: