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That Darn Tropicana

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My uncle Al once took me to Atlantic City. We stayed at the Tropicana Casino. I really only went because I like the beach and the salt water taffy. Plus, the casino has a really cool arcade. One afternoon, my uncle trusted me to play in the arcade while he read the newpaper as he sat on a boardwalk bench. He told me to come on out after an hour. Well, I was having so much fun that I didn't think about the time. When my uncle came inside, he said he was very disappointed in me. "I thought you were responsible enough to follow my instructions", he said. Oh, I hated this. I didn't want my uncle uncle disappointed with me about anything. I told him the clock at the casino floor entrance must have been running a little slow, so it was not entirely my fault. I kept running back and forth from the arcade to look at it so I would know when the hour was up. He immediately knew something was wrong with this story. Do you?


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