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Avatar commentary

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Copied from an email that I sent to Barb this morning about my avatar:

With regards to my avatar: (
I really like this image--it is from the album cover of a recent album by Ingrid Michaelson, one of my favorite artists, so I feel connected to it in that way. Not only that, but I feel connected to the girl in the picture--she is small in comparison to her surroundings, almost swallowed up by them, looking at them and trying to understand, trying to connect with something. In my mind, these surroundings are water, and the girl in the image is merely dipping her toes in, although it is all around her. I often feel this way about academia, about issues of social justice--I have a lot of curiosity and hunger to understand everything around me, and the comments and feelings and experiences of others, but I've only just scratched the surface. I think it's important to keep this sense of not knowing, especially in a class like this where there is so much that is subjective, and in the rest of my life, because what has more ambiguity and such multitude of possible choices than that?