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Ashley's Sudoku Journal

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Ashley's Sudoku Journal
Date Feelings/Results Reflections
7/13/10 here I go!  
   frustrated  I don't like doing this on the computer!
   30 min  the median was 6 min. I am really behind! I NEED PAPER!
 7/15/10 (music)  determined  I restarted a few times
     I decided to listen to music to take my mind off the timer. I do not like being timed!
   26 min  better than before! yay
 7/19/10 (music)  19 min 11 sec  much better than before
     I feel like a look around aimlessly, but I eventually find something.
   16 min. 28 sec  I'm getting better!

 7/21/10 (music)

 14 min 42 sec

96% are faster

My time is improving, but it still isn't very good.


   9 min 55 sec  I made 1 mistake
   10 min 54 sec  I had to fix a few mistakes, this took up extra time
 7/22/10 (music)  22 min 31 sec 99% are faster this one gave me some trouble









7/27/10 (no music)

10 min. 37 sec 90% are faster


11 min 13 sec






9 min 50 sec



9 min 26 sec


better! no mistakes.


I am wondering if I will ever be much faster than 10 min or so. Can I type fast enough and see my next move fast enough?

88% are better

 86% are better