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My Educational Playground #2

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The Multiple Intelligences ideology has fascinated me for over a decade.  My interests in neuroanatomy and how the brain constantly changes as new pathways are formed and reformed, has a direct impact on my teaching philosophy and pedagogy. 

As with me, a work in progress, please be patient with this learning tool.  I am hoping that it will be a place to begin discussion and be useful to others as well as myself.

I believe that education continues to propagate a myth that gifted students and special education students learn differently, and all regular education students learn the same way.    As my understanding of neuroanatomy continues to change….

I have had multiple exposures to the Brain and Behavior institute, each time I learn new information.  Like an artistic masterpiece, each time I am exposed to the institute, I experience many changes.    During my first exposure many of the concepts were new; I was a novice in the materials, the emergent process, the Serendip web site and many other aspects of the Institute.  At the time, I was only semi-comfortable with my unknown-unknowns.   Possibly like a rough sketch, I began making new neurological   pathways, albeit unfinished.  My expectation was that I would be able to have a degree of mastery of the materials.  I added to my body of knowledge and added a conceptual framework for a new type of learning.  I left equipped not only to make connections to my class, but also able to understand better the brain and brain trauma, and the relation to education.

Interactions from year one:  I had utilized the web page I created in my classroom.  The former traveling physics science program had come to my school.  The students were very excited about the program.  I also learned information about the brain, which was and continues to be important for my understanding for brain trauma. 

During year two, my second exposure, I felt more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  I knew that I was not going to be able to master all of the relevant information.  I expected to leave someday with my mind having been so expanded that I would be unable to produce any output.   I also knew that I was in the process of changing on a daily, almost moment by moment.  I had utilized the web page I created in my classroom. 

The reason I call this my playground, is that it I have so much fun while here, and I am hoping to give thought provoking interactive information.  Please let me know what you think, and if it is helpful to you.

 Some personal experiences:


Educational Web-sites




















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 I have listed my comments for these links, please let me know if these links are helpful and if you are able to use then in your classroom. 

Math Worksheet Center: An online math worksheet resouce Demonstration of Logical-Mathmatical Intelligence


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Artwork: Demonstrations of spatial intelligence from


Gospel Music: A demonstration of Musical Intelligence


Multiple Intelligences and Lesson Planning


More Multiple Intelligences: Lesson Planning Connections


·  Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence - "Body Smart"

· Interpersonal Intelligence - "People Smart"

·  Intrapersonal Intelligence - "Self Smart"

·  Naturalistic Intelligence - "Nature Smart"



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