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Mark's section: 1.From the P.O.V of one of Quaker reformers

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From the P.O.V of one of Quaker reformers:


Eastern state was a place for prisoners to come to terms with what they’d done, and to pray in solitude for forgiveness.


Eastern state penitentiary is an exemplary pioneer in the pursuit of reforming prisoners through isolation.


The idea of reforming prisoners rather than just looking them up was revolutionary and enlightening, even though it tended not to work in the practices Eastern State used.


It should work cause the nature of human beings is kindness, so as long as they stay alone and contemplate, they will eventually find the way to their true heart.


Eastern state penitentiary was for the most part a failure: prisoners found ways to communicate and rebel, and often played or refused the help of their reformers.


ESP was a place where they believed prisoners in solidarity would be able to repent for their sins, so that upon their release they would live more wholesome lives.


Eastern state provided prisoners with ample time and silence to think over their wrong doings, confess and improve themselves.


Eastern state Pen was efficient in providing an isolated environment for convicts to think about their wrongdoings and give penance.


I am disappointed by the loss of the original mission statement (now they lost the part about isolation), but proud of how it affected other prisons throughout the world.


Isolation is hard to truly come by, though, if achieved, it does encourage contemplation, which, unfortunately, does not necessarily encourage reform.


The Eastern state not only punish the prisoner, but also save them.


Eastern state will be a new kind of prison, one where the prisoners will spend time alone to contemplate their action, and learn to reform their ways.


Eastern state failed, an idea too good to come true. The isolation attempts failed, the doctrines were rejected, and there’s no way to know if people repented. Eastern made a marvelous prison, but a terrible half way house or reform center.