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Antoinette Sisco's Grant Proposal BBI 2009

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Identification: Antoinette Sisco
c/o Claysville Junior High School
                                140 Claysville School Road
                                Guntersville, AL 35976
                                (256) 582-4444
Specific Aim/ Goal: The specific aim of this grant proposal is to is to introduce my students to emergent pedagogy, and encourage them to become accustomed to learning outside of their typical realm of academic comfort.   As an educator of special needs students, my students often want a definitive answer from an ‘expert’, as many times in the past, some of their conclusions have been deemed as wrong, or completely outside the acceptable academic responses.  I want my students to discover the joy of ‘getting things less wrong’ and   document the change in response to ambiguity, and or multiple scenario possible outcomes.
Proposal: I am planning to partner with the social studies teacher to accomplish this project. My students will design three, survival packets (during the second, third and fourth marking periods) for survival in previous civilizations. Time appropriate survival supplies needed for the Ancient Sumerian society will be markedly different from supplies needed and available for survival in modern America. An early student description of their survival packet and their final survival presentation will be video taped and compared.   The students should become more comfortable and proficient with the emergent pedagogy, research, project completion, general knowledge of ancient culture, reading comprehension, research and public speaking.   As with any emergent learning experience, the students and I may also develop in ways not yet imagined. 
                Because this project will be part of a joint language arts and social studies grade, supplies for survival packets will be provided to the students to complete their projects. The project supplies will also foster the use of multiple intelligences.
Equipment:       Flip HD Digital Camcorder                             $ 200.00
Art supplies for projects including poster board, boxes, permanent markers, colored markers, modeling clay, and blank DVD’s to provide the students a copy of their completed projects.                                            $ 100.00 (at least)