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The [South] Philadelphia Story

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Magic Gardens

"a brief history of the future":

She wasn’t paying attention to which streets they were passing.

And her feet hurt.

And she wondered when Mexican groceries moved into the Italian Market. 

“Has it been an hour yet?”

“Nah, 50 minutes.”

“We’re supposed to be here for an hour, but I think we’ve seen almost everything.”

“There’s too much here to see everything.”








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The Structure of Abby's Mosaic

Abby started off with her favorite quote, "A Brief History of the Future". She liked the idea, and tried to play around with it; this resulted in the text from and describing key moments throughout her day. The mosaic is not chronological, instead mixing various quotes and pictures from different times and places over the day, for a mosaic is a narrative but needn't be a strict diary. One of the pictures is of an interesting sign in front of a coffee shop, which she thought described her day. Another of the pictures is of a bookshop, not because it contained a mosaic, but because it itself appeared a kind of mosaic, in the organization of the books and the room. She liked the picture of the broken mosaic steps further broken by play of light through the iron railing; elsewhere there is a picture of a chest of other people's pictures, seventy-five cents per picture. Other people's graduation pictures, baby pictures, wedding pictures, for sale because some one no longer wanted them. She found that rather sad. Also among her pictures were those from her trip to Little Itay, which she mentioned was shrinking, along with other Little Italys elsewhere, and a picture of herself, and another of her friend, reflected in the bits of broken glass; she liked how the glass framed them, and how the two pictures compared to each other.