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All the Wonders Great and Small

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The Bryn Mawr College campus is a beautiful, complexly interesting place that few maps can capture every aspect of. This map I have selected is no exception. The map I have selected is located front and center of the campus center, and its border reads, "Here lies the Bryn Mawr campus, all its wonders great and small twill fold to fit your pocket or unfold to fit your wall." Well.... yes and no. This map does depict many wonders of the campus, but not all of them. Firstly, let me start off with saying this is an AMAZING map. It is beautiful, and every aspect of it is symbolic. The colors that are used to draw the map are exclusively blue, light blue, red, and green. A coincidence? I think not. This map places huge emphasis on the traditions, the people, and the buildings that make up Bryn Mawr. It gives a fun, quirky representation of Bryn Mawr that it is more than accurate in describing the amazing community and the people who make it up. However one glaring aspect that is not done justice in this representation is the fact that the equally beautiful enviornment in which the campus is set in is muted. The green of the landscape is represented, but it is flat, not only in color, but in dimension. The undulating lascape (most notably the valley separating the Pensby Center and Brecon from the rest of campus) is absent, and the many different types of trees and flowers are nowhere to be found. Not only the is the plant life underrepresented, the animal life is completely ignored. I find it difficult to ignore the animals on the campus, especially the squirells who make their presence abdunently clear with the raining down of acorns and other nuts on a daily basis. This is a beautiful representation of the Bryn Mawr campus in aspects of tradition, community, and architecture, however it underrepresents the beautiful enviornment, the plant life and the animal life. All these aspects come together to make Bryn Mawr what it is, and downplaying any of them downplays their huge significance as equal parts of the Bryn Mawr community.



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on-campus site will you be re-visiting throughout the semester?