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Minecraft Blog

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Starting off on this Minecraft journey, I was intimidated to say the least. I've never been a gamer. Basic playing of The Sims and Animal Crossing is the extent to which I've been exposed to computer and video games. I worried that my inexperience would hold me back in ways that my classmates wouldn’t have to worry about. When we played in multiplayer mode on the same server in class, I just wandered around aimlessly trying not to get killed. By the end of that class I definitely hadn’t gotten the hang of crafting yet, and the monsters and other players killed me several times.


Since then, I’ve been playing on both the multiplayer server and in my own single-player world. I’ve found that playing on Creative Mode allows me to play without restrictions. Everything is open to you from the get-go, so I now know where I’m headed in the multiplayer game. In my own world I’ve built several large buildings and a lovely little garden.


One observation I’ve made while playing multiplayer is about players’ behavior. People tend to act in ways I don’t think they normally would in the real (is Minecraft “real?”) world. I’ve come across people fighting and killing each other needlessly. I also realized how easy it is to steal in Minecraft. I stumbled upon a chest full of things I wanted. I briefly considered taking them but decided against it. However, it did get me thinking about social rules and if they should be applied in virtual interaction. The reason we all think stealing is wrong is that someone worked hard for the things they have and taking them without permission isn’t okay because you didn’t put in the same effort. Can and should this play be considered work worthy of the same respect we give in the "real" world?


I have so many questions even just about the basics of this game that I’ve been getting answers to on the wiki page. One broader question I have though, is about how innovators are using the game. I’d really like to learn how people are using it in ways I haven’t and probably couldn’t even imagine.