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Trouble Running Our Shockwave Experiments?

November, 2017

Recently, the newest versions of Firefox and Chrome withdrew support for the Shockwave plugin that is used for certain Serendip experiments such as

Current browsers that still support the Shockwave plugin include:

  • Safari for the Mac
  • Safari for Windows
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Internet Explorer 11, launched from inside the Edge browser (but Edge does not itself support the plugin)

Instructions for Using the Microsoft Edge Browser (Windows 10)

1. Open the Edge browser

2. Go to the experiment page, e.g.:

3. Click the configuration menu (looks like 3 dots on the right side)

4. Click Open with Internet Explorer (this is IE11)

5. Click the link: to get the plugin

6. On Adobe's site, Choose Windows and Shockwave Windows Full IE (this is the current version, as of 11/27/2017)

7. Follow the instructions to Download now and install

Thereafter, Shockwave will run but only in the IE11 window, not in the Edge window. There will be two windows open, both the experiment page (e.g. Time to Think? Making Observations page), but only the IE11 one will display and run the experiment.