Serendip's House

Welcome to an exhibit in progress (March 2000). How people find their way around is an interesting area of active research for both neurobiologists and psychologists, among others. We're deveoping an exhibit on this subject, in which we'll be using an elaborated version of Serendip's House to make it possible for you to explore your own navigational abilities, and those of others.

Serendip's House is also (and always will be) simply a place to explore, and to have fun with (and to further develop thoughts about how one explores and why it's fun; see the Voyage to Serendip). For this purpose, Serendip's House is already ready. And if it's a little different the next time you come by (as we elaborate it), so much the better.

So come on in. Click ENTER and you'll find yourself in the "Awakening Room" of Serendip's House (the exhibit uses a Shockwave movie, and hence requires a Shockwave plug in for your browser. If you need the plug in, or any additional Xtras, your browser should take care of it, prompting you as necessary. Its worth taking the time to do this, not only for this exhibit but lots of others on the web that use the Shockwave plug in, and you'll only need to do it once). (Update: additional help with running Shockwave)

You can look around in the Awakening Room (or any other room) by clicking on turn clockwise and turn counter clockwise arrows visible on the floor of each room. And go through doors by clocking on them.

Wander around. If you need a goal, try and find the Frog Gallery (it has some fun pictures of frogs snapping at worms). Somewhere in the house you can also find a nice room where you can mixing colors to see what other colors you get.

Try and keep track of where you are, and how you got there, and how to get back. And stop by again to see whether anything has change. And let us know what you think.