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Portfolio Instructions for "Poetics and Politics of Race"

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 Concluding, Diffracting, and Assessing Your Work
in the "Poetics and Politics of Race" 360°, Fall 2016

DUE by 12:30 p.m. on Fri, Dec. 16

"reflection only displaces the same elsewhere .... What we need  is ... to diffract ... so that we get more promising interference patterns" (Donna Haraway).


This process invites you to "diffract" on all the work you have done for this 360°, to chronicle what has happened in your evolution as a listener, speaker, writer, artist, connector and agent for change in the group. Your self-evaluation will assist us with our assessments, as we reflect on your engagements and accomplishments across all the dimensions of the 360°.

You've already completed most of the work for this cluster. During reading period, you have several more tasks. Please
1) upload all your exhibition materials on Serendip (do this as a "collaborative post," listing the names of all the members of your group)
2) post the 6-pp. paper emerging from your independent study with Anne
3) complete the checklist of expectations for this cluster
4) write a 2-pp. essay reflecting on where you were when we began this 360° process, where you are now, and what’s been happening in between. How-and-what have you been learning? Where do you think that the edges of your learning now lie? In what ways has your understanding been expanded, challenged, or complexified in this 360°? Be sure to include reflections on the degree of your critical, active engagement with the portion of the cluster devoted to the creation of our exhibit.
5) a banner image to illustrate a central theme of your portfolio. When you login, you will land on your My Account page. Open “edit," and scroll down to “Personal Banner for E-Portfolio,  where you can make an selection to upload and caption. For examples of what this could look like, see
AquamarineAura, "Opening up.... it takes expression and listening,"
Purple Finch, "Even More," and
tajiboye, "Isn't everything blurred together in a sense..why must we separate the flower from the dirt it grows from."

Refresh your browser, then check to make sure that the final papers, banner and self-evaluation have all shown up in your portfolio (which you can access again from the list along the top of the page). Note that this means that your evaluation, as part of your portfolio, will be publicly available on the web (you are also welcome to e-mail us any comments that you do not want to be public).

Any questions about this process? E-mail

ALL WORK IS DUE by 12:30 p.m. on Fri, Dec. 16.

In our responses to this portfolio, we'll be grading the quality of your written work, the number of your weekly postings, your class attendance and participation (speaking and listening, in both small and full groups).

Thank you for joining in the demanding, exploratory journey we've taken together this semester. We have learned a lot from working with you.

Monique, Jody and Anne