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Friday "Fieldwork" Schedule

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360 Friday “Fieldwork” Schedule  

9/2     Special Collections

9/9     Creative Africa

9/16   Penn Museum

9/23  Creative Africa

9/30   Museum of African American History and Culture (Washington, D.C.)

10/7    Barnes Foundation


10/21 Special Collections

10/28 Special Collections

11/4 Special Collections

11/11 Special Collections

11/18 Special Collections

12/2 Special Collections

12/9 Special Collections

12/16 Special Collections

Special Collections Exhibition Development Schedule

10/21 Week 7:  Object Research

Share Out About Object Research (conducted for “Exhibiting Africa”)
Identify Potential Themes

Identify Topics/Themes/Strategies from the various Museum Visits

10/28 Week 8:  Identify Goals

3 Groups come up with different exhibition ideas (objective/theme)
Choose the relevant objects (masks, textiles, toys)
Make connections between objects and ideas

11/4 Week 9: Curating/Exhibition Design

Give Presentation to Carrie
Present your group’s final idea for the exhibition; consider every detail
With Carrie, discuss strengths and weaknesses of final proposals
Arrive at consensus about how to move forward
Assign tasks

11/11 Week 9: Curating/Exhibition Design (CR)

Arrive at consensus objective, themes, objects & layout
Look at exhibition space as map
Selection of objects
Carrie shares exhibition options
At end of class, there is a consensus about vision

11/18 Week 10: Theme/Wall Text

By this time, there is a vision (objects, layout etc)
Three groups divide up the exhibition sections; assign roles/tasks within group
Read Ingrid Schaffner “Wall Text”
Start drafting wall text

12/2 Week 11: Theme/Wall Text

Wall Text Draft due
Present/Share with Class

12/9 Week 12:  Final Exhibition Design

Second draft of  wall text due
Finalize exhibition design and materials

12/16 Week 13:  Final Exhibition Design

Everything finished, handed over to Carrie