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plan going forward

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Dear all,
Just writing to remind you of the plan going forward for Big Books. You of course continue to be welcome to gather in our classroom to work together, or talk through our texts/your projects, during the allotted class time. I’ll be using it to meet w/ each of you individually, and remind you that I can also meet with you at others times if you'd like.

A sometimes-tricky thing about independent work is keeping yourself accountable/doing the work steadily without some form of regular check-in. So, along with meeting with each of you, I will continue to expect regular short postings from you by midnight each Tuesday evening:

Nov. 22: lay out next steps toward your independent study (if you’ve met w/ me, write a paragraph about what we’ve agreed you’ll do going forward; if you haven’t, write a 5-days-later, somewhat more focused version of what you first proposed)
Nov. 29: describe the progress you've made on your independent study
Dec. 6:
outline the paper you will write about your independent study
Fri, Dec. 16, by 12:30 p.m. (along with all your other final work): Paper #3 (1500 words):  reporting on the outcomes of your independent study.

All this is also in the updated syllabus @ /oneworld/poetics-and-politics-race/big-books-american-literature-fall-2016
I also just shared some words from Toni Morrison, urging us all to keep on working, below.

Thanks, and hoping you’re finding some respite this weekend,