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The Making and Unmaking of Race--and the story of a skirt

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i thought it might interest y'all (perhaps esp. those of you who had to miss yesterday's session @ PMA, and are looking for an alternative; as well as those of you who now feel that you need to return to "look again" at the exhibits @ the penn museum) to know about a series of events that nell pointed out to me y'day. last wednesday, the penn museum began offering a series of five wednesday evening discussions examining the science and history of race. you can find a full description of the program @ here's the short version: each of the sessions, which go from 6:30-9:30 (and will also be live-streamed through the museum's website), will include a workshop on the museum's Samuel Morton Collection. the series will continue on Sept. 28, Oct. 26, Nov. 9 and 16. registration is recommended @

poking around for these links to share with you, i also found that the exhibition of skulls we saw @ penn is described on the museum's website as a "'teaser' display, designed to complement a possible larger exhibition on the same topic":

and while i'm here: today's opening of the Museum of African American History and Culture has gotten much coverage; you might want to look @ the museum's website before we go next friday:  the article that most caught my eye--and seemed esp. pointed toward us--was this story of a skirt, in part because it walks so deliberatively through all the steps
from creation to acquisition to installation in the museum:  as john vick told us yesterday, "the curatorial aspect is often overlooked."


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ooh thanks Anne, i just registered for the next Penn museum "free classroom" discussion!!!