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independent study plans!

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Here's what I'm thinking about doing:

Topic: "From Crazy to Conscious" Seeing Black Women and the Highlighting their societal contributions

In my last paper, I talked about intersectionality and how black women worked to bring the concept to light. Throughout this project, I want to look delve deeper into the "feelings of crazy" or "inconcievable" actions (i.e. Sethe killing her child) to unpack the consciousness and humanity present within those actions. 

What I'm going to do: A Photo Journal! Here I will make a extensive set of photos that capture how I see black women and this "crazy" to "conscious" narrative. Also, I will use the text we've read in class as a context to expand on this idea and show it throughout the photos. The journal will include photos, poetry, excerpts, and more. 

Also, I will write a report on the process to follow the photo journal. 


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the move from *only* verbal to visual means of capturing the move from "crazy" to "conscious."
what are first steps? do you start w/ the images? or with the concept, looking for the images.....?

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I'm starting with the text.. taking the theme and finding inspiration/examples from the text we've read.

then, I plan to go and look. i will try to capture what feels right pertaining to this theme.

and finally create a photo-journal to display both that process and theme