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independent study planning (round 2)

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so my books arrived shortly after break and i'm reading through them right now ... there's not much to update on, except that i think i'll be leaning away from vivek shraya's even this page is white (even though it's a great book!) and towards everything i never told you, by celeste ng, instead... 
i'll update this after i've finished both books and am ready to continue. i find myself overwhelmed by the idea of this paper and i think i need to take small steps towards finding again what i need to write about.

edit: an updated version of my books and articles list:

i've finished reading and rereading all these books and will update with a clearer vision soon.


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hannah—small steps are good, and I’m curious to know, along the way, what motivates each of them (for example, what is it that’s making you ‘lean away’ from one “great book,” towards another?). within the week, please share some of your reading notes here, such as keynotes from ng that you might find useful in reading The Book of Salt and/or yourself in our cluster. Thanks, A.