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ind. study revision

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I feel like maybe I should write a paper trying to explain afro-pessimism and situate my own thoughts into that? the posting on marriott is still relevant, but this might not be the most practical use of my time (this being trying to write a paper within afro-pessimism when i'm still trying to figure out how to explain afro-pessimism/an ontological approach to blackness to those around me. so, maybe I can still use marriott as a supplement to that explanation. I imagine centering the paper in fanon's black skin white masks, then using wilderson to show the more current work being done with fanonian ontology. 


questions i wanna ask:

what is afro-pessimism?

how can we look through racism, a question of relation, and look towards race, a question of stained ontology?

so, what does one do when they know what they know?


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we'll talk in a few minutes about this....
so, a few notes towards that conversation:
* how can you situate your interpretation/analysis of afro-pessimism in the context of this 360 intended to "query black and white," and/or this particular class on "revising racial fictions"?
* what in the design (or execution) of the cluster, or course, calls for a theory of ontological death? where/when might this concept have been helpful to us?
* what implications might such a theory have, in particular, for a reading of one or more of the texts in this class?

I'm intrigued by what you call looking "through" the relation that is racism to the ontology that is race...and curious about the "staining" involved here...and, of course, always intrigued by the implications/activism that a certain way or form of knowing might entail/enable....Eager to learn more, and to explore w/ you how you might best stage this learning, A.