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I am not yet inspired to write a post about race in media, but I will give it a go (Meaning, this is not something I think of a lot so I don't have any rants to write out, or anything in my head that feels particularily insightful. I know that doesn't matter). There are just so many things I could talk about! What it's like to see black girls on Instgram. How I count black people in my favorite TV shows, and cringe when they're the bad guy, or sigh when they die. Jane the Virgin is an amazing show with a beautifully diverse cast, and I still yearn to have a developped black character. But I'm happy for my latina friends who get to see themselves on screen. Now a Glee song is playing on my spotify, and I'm thinking of when I first really felt connected to TV, which was when I started watchign Glee. And while Glee was a big part of my identity development, I still didn't find a black woman who I felt was like me. If anything I felt most connected to Kurt and Blaine, white and white passing gay men. So if anyone has any reccomendations for shows that I can watch that has silly, gleeful black ladies, please let me know. 


Although somewhere where I have been finding representation is black makeup artists on YouTube! In particular Jackie Aina, who is funny, spiritual, and overall a joy to watch. She's a wonderful reminder of what it means to be beautiful, on the inside. :)