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garden is open!

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the mission statement of the norristown neighborhood project is:

"To promote positive change through youth education, community leadership, green spaces, the arts, and the celebration of Latino culture."

 i would be remiss to not note that any endevour started by, catered for, or maintained by people of color is bound to encounter hurdles. gentrification and capitalism and so much more go hand in hand to break down projects like these but they are still out here growing things, making things, surviving. there's something amazing about high schoolers being able to learn real skills and apply them to such an important project that is actually personal to their experiences. and get paid! i've only been to north philly twice since i've been at bryn mawr and both times have been me going into someone else's community and being welcomed so wholly. for once, our group felt light??happy??? on a friday trip, despite the weather conspiring against us. i want to recognise that. 

[i hope the image below isn't blurred but if it is, it was a sign outside the garden complex that said 'come in! the garden is open' ]