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Working with Calculus

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Work Baby, Work !!


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If You're Bored

We all need to work sometimes and some of us work better by just doing the problems rather than seeing it. Remember that we all learn differently... Well for all of those who aren't genius and need to earn their keep I've got some sites for you.

This is a great site to longer and more thoughtful world problems to do with solutions. But what's great is Dr.Math, he will answer all your question very promptly just send him a message with your problem.



UCDavis Math   Math Online
This site is great because it provide lots of problems with the solution hidden so you can work and check.   Math online created a bunch of small Java applications that allow you to do multiple choose problems from trig to calc.


Of course I would like to be able to have everything for you right here to do, but some people just do it better and I have to acknowledge that and send you their way. My final reference for you is another teacher's site who has some wonderful links that will hopefully answer any other problems you may have with Calculus.

Mr.Robert's Site:

Now that's we've done all this work lets get into the fun stuff.....This is what Wackomin does in his free time... which really isn't much.

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