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Intro To Me

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Wackomin's Exploration of Calculus!!


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If You're Bored

Wackomin has finally made another page and this one will hopefully give you a bit of insite into me....who else.

Me at a Computer   My Beautiful Grilfriend and I at Prom

We'll I am a math teacher at Lincoln HS in Philadelphia. I'm not really a resident of philly but have appreicated a lot of the wonderful things that it has to offer since I've been here.

My home is in Huntington Beach, CA. But because of home prices and the fact that SoCal will be falling into the sea in the next million years, I don't really think I'll be settling there. But isn't it beautiful:

Well enough about me now... Let's move into the real stuff.

My site is all about Calculus and how much it sucks.....j/k. I really just want to help everyone understand it a little better so I did some research and found some useful sites for people to go and view. Now this may not be the solution to helping you with all your problems with math, but hey.... it's a start.