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Final Project: Autism "Speaks"

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Hello All! So once again I have had issues with technology. So, I have attached the 9 blog posts I made to a journal I entitled Autism "Speaks!"

If there is any issue technologically please do let me know. Thanks!

 1. This project in a nutshell 

2. Autism "Speaks"

3. Autism Culture

4. Is english just a second language to people who are disabled?

5. Eye Contact

6. Choosing my words carefully

7. A model for pop culture and "Talk" shows

8. Can an autistic person be vulnerable?

9. Wow, you are really normal


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I really liked your blog post on "Is english just a second langauge to people who are disabled."
-At my elementary school anyone who looked like they obviously spoke a second language was put into ESL. I don't think they told the parents this, but it was very apparent. All the people in ESL were Asians. Most of the students knew how to speak English and understood English. We probably didn't have the best grammer, but isn't that true from most kids in Kindergarden and first grade. I think the ESL system is very interesting.