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Accessibility at Haverford - Lilah's Midterm Project

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Lilah, I really enjoyed the format and presentation of this mid-semester project. On this campus, I have heard a lot about how mental health resources on campus are inaccessible. It is also equally important for us as a campus to also acknowledge that this campus is also physically inaccessible. It's good to acknowledge that haverford has done the bare minimum when it comes to making their spaces more accessible and still they fail to make sure that those who need accessible buildings have equal access to all haverford has to offer. I believe you said you wanted to advance this project further for the final and I think you should totally do that! You also mentioned talking to DASH and if you want feel free to contact me about that! To get haverford to fix this, it will definitely take noise from the students rather than administrative decision, so it would be great for a final to find a way to get the word out for the need of more accessible spaces on campus. 

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Lilah, thank you for pursuing this for your midterm project; this topic is so important to discuss! Another element, you may want to consider adding is the lack of resources for student’s with dietary restrictions due to disability-related circumstances. Haverford’s dining center is not really able to accommodate extensive food allergy/ dietary restriction situations, which then leaves the HCA as the only housing option for students since these living accommodations supply kitchens. HCA is in the furthest location from campus and is very inaccessible. As Nikki mentioned, I think sending this information along to the administration could be very powerful and hopefully help facilitate necessary change.