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From Crazy to Conscious: The Makings of Black Womynhood

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Photo-Journal: The Process 

This photo journal is very much a self reflection. I wanted to explore the theme of black womynhood, with an emphasis on the idea of crazy, inexplicable feelings leading to a conscious and political statement.

I took all of the images myself. I also edited them and curated them. I also designed the layout of the photo journal.

As for the process for choosing the text, I drew from readings (Beloved, bell hooks conversation) we had in class as well as in class conversations (intersectionality, love, and my bringing womanism to the classroom dynamic). I also used my personal writing and one of my favorite books, The Autobiography of Assata Shakur. 

The journal is attached below as a PDF.

Also, here is a link to the online book! The PDF looks great, but the online book gives a fuller effect.


PDF icon FROM CRAZY TO CONSCIOUS - yea.pdf17.54 MB


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this is stunningly lovely. the photography is gorgeous and the words are just as beautiful. luminous, warm, aglow with love. thank you for sharing this alliyah!

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this work is so beautiful. thank you for being here and sharing your world. all love !

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this is incredibly beautiful. thank you for your words and your work and your love and your light, alliyah -- you are such a gift. <3