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Community Listening Conversation Outline

Identity Matters Tags

(RE)presenting (ID)entity: Intersectionality, Representation, and Listening at Bryn Mawr

also known as: RE ID  (!!!)

Here are our thoughts for the listening conversations -Nkechi & Natalie



  • Staff (Pensby: Stephanie, Vanessa)

  • Deans

  • Students

  • Sharon Ullman

  • Alice Lesnick

  • Libby Parker (GA)

  • Social Work Students from Sara’s class

Food: The way we can get people to come


Natalie and I will set up the Pods (as defined below):

  • the pods are the groups including one of the Identity Matters students as a facilitator/participant.

  • Depending on how many people attend, the pod could be anywhere from a pair (one attendee & one 360 student) to a group of four.

  • Sitting at round tables with folding chairs

  • IMPORTANT NOTE b/c of the nature of listening conversations: People can leave early, but doors must close at a certain point, and people can neither come back, nor come late because it interrupts listening.


Goal Time: Two Hours

Community Guidelines (11 min)

  • Quick Intro About our 360 (Sophia) (1.5 min)

  • Quick intro about Monsoon and Benaifer and listening conversations(Amelia) (1.5 min)

  • State your Intentions for the listening (demonstrate, Amelia) (1 min)

    • No Interruptions: try not to interrupt (Demonstrate with Kate) (1 min)

  • Bowls (Abby) (1 min)

  • Preconceived notions (Kate) (2 min)

    • about others, Roles at Bryn Mawr, etc. Write on index cards, & rip into trash cans  

  • Other

    • Said Here Stays Here, Learned Here Leaves Here (Nkechi) (1 min)

    • Assume good intent when people say things that offend you (you can still call them on it) (Bridget) (1 min)

    • Oops/Ouch! (Niki) (1 min)



Identity Discussion (45 minutes)


  • NEEDS:

    • Giant Post It Pads

    • Easels

    • Markers

    • Index cards

Names and Pronouns (5 min)

  • Name yourself and  3 words (noun or adj.) that you use to identify yourself:

    • categories that are important to you, and that you are comfortable using

  • Write them on a index cards without names

  • Discuss how those identities play into your role (student, faculty member, etc) at Bryn Mawr

  • Pod Facilitator gathers the index cards and gives to the next group


With New Index Cards (10 min)

  • How do those identities intersect?

  • Make the web of identities  on post it pads and how they intersect but don’t add reasoning

  • Pod Facilitator Passes the Web and index cards


With New Web (10 min)

  • Talk about how they are connected and why

  • And how do those identities intersect?

  • how do the needs of those identities support or conflict with each other?

  • Pass again


With New Web (#2) (10 min)

  • How do these identities manifest at Bryn Mawr?

  • How are they represented in the classroom?

  • How do they play in the BMC community?

  • What are the needs of the groups at Bryn Mawr?


Presentations/ Large Group Discussion (10 min)

  • What did each group learn by connecting the identities of others?

  • Was anything difficult to connect? How does that feel?

  • How did it feel listening to these connections (about identities you embody)?

  • How does it feel to represent the concerns of identities that do not belong to you?

Time Check: (56 min)


Moving into Representation (45 min)

  • NEEDS:

    • Print the Papers

    • Markers

Questions to Consider (2 min)

  • Talk about the triangle between the author, the audience, and the work (Gabby) (1 min)

  • How are these identities represented at Bryn Mawr?(Rhett) (1 min)


  • Get back into Pods and symbols of Identity passed to Pods 

    • Female and Male bathroom signs

    • Religious Symbols

    • Confederate flag and Gay Flag
    • Disability placard/ active placard

    • All 5 lantern colors and some with different color panes (with reference to Normative Time)

    • American Flag, Undocumented Flag (Nationality)

    • 99% signs (Class)



  • Semi Silent Gallery (Rebecca explain how Silent Gallery works as explained below) (1 min)

    • Discuss representation while thinking about the aforementioned triangle

      • Intent of the author. Does it matter?

      • How changing the audience changes the reading of the symbol

      • Relationship of the symbol to the Person Displaying (What does that say about them?)

    • Each group writes on the photos some thoughts from their group discussion

      • Pass the Page

    • With New Page

      • Read the previous group’s thoughts and respond

      • Continue and go all around (50 min

    • On the Final Page: each group will pick one thing to share from the last paper, and share it with the larger group (Facilitators should not be the ones to present)

Time Check (53 min)


Closing and Thank You

  • Acknowledgements to your Pod with Suggested Prompts like Monsoon and Benaifer did at the end of our Two Women Talking workshop (Sula) (10 min)

  • Thank Yous to people for coming/people who helped/ Our Professors (Natalie) (1 min)

Time Check (11 min)

Time Check (2 hours and 10 min)

10 minutes over, but all times are longest case scenario.

What do you guys think?


Anne Dalke's picture

I'm liking this overview very much--and getting pretty excited about the possibilities it opens up!
Three years ago, an ESem I was teaching called InClass/OutClassed sponsored a workshop in Rhoads Dining Hall.
Here's the script and also some photos--these might give you a few more ideas re: equipment and scheduling...
Who is going to take care of set-up (making sure we have tables, chairs, other necessary materials, getting the room arranged, etc?)--is that Abby?
Who is deciding on food and ordering it? (I think Sarah T could help us here, but again--Abby?)

Hummingbird's picture

Also loving this! 

For the sake of Anne's peace of mind, just wanted to let you know that we're discussing food right now on our fb group and will let Sarah T know about our decision.
Also, the set up will be in part the responsibility of the exhibition crew, I believe (or at least, we're discussing it with Abby). 

stheobald's picture

I agree with Anne - this looks great (and I'm particularly excited about the variety of discussion topics you've seeded).

Please (Abby?) make sure to send me a list no later than Sunday night for what needs to be ordered (office supplied, food, etc), and how you'd like the room set up.  I'll work with Conferences to make sure that gets taken care of.

I also wanted to check in about the display of the portraits. Your plan doesn't seem to reference them directly.  What are the disadvantages of leaving them displayed in the Campus Center, as opposed to bringing them over to Rhoads?