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This is the second time that I have read Wild. Since my first time reading it I have listened to Cheryl Strayed's podcast "Dear Sugar," and read another book of hers called "Tiny Beautiful Things." It is hard to remember my initial reactions to this book because I know so much more about Cheryl Strayed and can see her even more presently in this novel. When I first read this book I was about to leave for college and embark on a journey of my own. My therapist had recommended the book and I trusted her for good recommendations. I bought the book that night and finished it only two days later it was a quick read. And for me at that point the part that stood out most to me is page 28 when her mom died. It made me think about my decisions for choosing a college so far away and made me feel like I would miss my mom more. I felt like Cheryl Strayed and I came from a similar background we both grew up poor and fatherless, and I felt like we shared many of the same views. I appreaciate how vulnerable Strayed was when writing her memoir. I think this sort of Vulnerability is a very important thing to express to readers and people in general.