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Ursula’s idea

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Over the two months, we have talked about various kinds of issues such as race, climate change, GMOs, and extinction. Among the many readings we’ve read, “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omeals” stands out since the main idea of Ursula is to “leave” the situation. She does not illustrates how to save the poor child and also she does not blame the people in the town as she says that “One thing I know there is none of in Omelas is guilt. But what else should there be?”(Ursula, p.2) This point of view can be adapted to many situations we’ve discussed. If each of us realize that how stupid it is to discriminate people by their color? If each of us uses less amount of electricity? If each of us avoids eating GMO food?  

Or, people can leave the country which does not try to change the situation and they can live other places which satisfy themselves. My homosexual friend once lived in the Netherlands to marry his husband when it was much more difficult in other countries.

It is actually about taking an action, but I think Ursula’s idea is not like starting a revolution but to change their ways of lives. It eventually changes the world since the world is composed of each of humans.