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Towards Days 26-27 (Tues-12/8 - Thurs, 12/10): Final "Teach-In"

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Schedule for final projects in ESem, Dec. 8 & 10:

Tues., Dec. 8: 11:25-12:45 (Taylor F)
Caitlin and Alison:  Bryn Mawr and Haverford

Isabell and Jackie:  The shocking “tails” of captive animals

Creighton and Maryam:  The message of a museum’s continuing to silence stories (of violence in the colonial past)

[10 minutes discussion]

Paola and Leticia
:  Latinx break the mold @ BMC

Angela and Beatrice:  Where did you get that?  Clothing sources and style at BMC

Sasha and Meghan:  Haff love, Haff life, Haff pay

[short discussion]

Thurs., Dec. 10: 11:25-12:05 (Taylor G)
[10 minutes discussion to start: any more feedback in particular for the last three presentations,
about Latinx, clothing sources/style, and/or the pay/treatment of student dining center workers?

Then, more generally: how might we carry all these projects forward?
With whom else might each of you share your work?
What else would you like to know-or-understand about your own particular “enlarged contact zone”?
What are you learning from your peers: how is this range of presentations expanding your sense of your contact zone?

A reminder that your last short posting is due by 5 p.m. tomorrow, reflecting on the
questions we just discussed about how you might carry your work forward,
plus what you learned from your peers during these presentations (just 1-2 paragraphs).

And now more!

Ayesha:  Muslims at Bryn Mawr

Amy and Hannah Chin
:  Classes + contact + Bryn Mawr, oh my! (contact zones and classes)

Hannah Symonds and Grace:  Intellectual and social growth: A look at the Bryn Mawr Honor Code

[if time: more discussion]

12:10: split into sections for appreciations and regrets
(what are you grateful for--individually and/or the group?
also a space for expressing regrets, individually and group-wide)
toss the yarn to call on the next person

weaving environmental questions in earlier? (for example:
providing more context for the Black @ Bryn Mawr tour?)

12:30: college course evaluations

Thurs., Dec. 10: 7-8:30 pm (English House, Lecture Hall, with dessert)

[some discussion, continued, @ beginning?]

Madi and Khadijah:  Free market and textbook exchange on the Bryn Mawr campus

Yuri and Abby
:  Organic food at Bryn Mawr

Elena, Cecilia and Aayzah:  Queer at Bryn Mawr, really a rainbow? (dynamics of gender and sexuality at Bryn Mawr College)

Akane and Amaka:  Bryn Mawr’s binary: Perspectives on gender at a women’s institution

[more reflection, @ the end?]