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Towards Day 5 (Tues, 9/15): Black @ Bryn Mawr

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WE WILL GATHER IN FRONT OF THOMAS to take the Black at Bryn Mawr tour,
guided by Grace Pusey '15 (who co-researched and designed it) and
Monica Mercado (Postdoctoral Fellow and Director, The Albert M. Greenfield
Digital Center for the History of Women’s Education), who guided Grace's research.
Afterwards we'll come back to our Taylor Hall classrooms for a discussion with
Monica and Grace.

There is NO NEW READING for Thursday; come to class with a
paragraph or some notes toward your next web-event.

Your third web event, due this Friday by 5 p.m, should
use the notion of “slippage” from "Slipping into Something
More (Un)Comfortable” to go back and re-read one of the
earlier texts we’ve discussed, or the tour we’ve just taken:
how can you re-interpret Jordan, Pratt, LeGuin, Butler or
Pusey & Mercado’s history of Bryn Mawr through the
lens of this new concept? You may want to begin with
a description of your understanding of what “slippage”