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Thirteeth June

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I took this photo of Boston Harbor the night of my high school graduation. I was with the rest of my class on an overnight cruise, the last time we'd assemble in one place for a long time. I took the photo around 1am, amidst a cloud of celebratory cigar fumes and on the highest level of the ship. I don't spend much time in Boston (I live close to the city, and I feel like I don't take advantage of the fact like I should), but when I do get the chance to visit, I can appreciate the change in setting. I have lived in the suburbs my whole life, but I love the city. I love the urbanity and the cadence of life and the sense of anonymity that comes along with being somewhere as populated as Boston. So, during my brief passage through the Harbor, I chose to stay on the deck, away from the games and the music and dancing inside the boat, to simply observe my surroundings. The faraway feeling that this picture reminds me of is a comfortable one for me, where I feel like I have caught a quiet peace inside a throng of productivity and living.