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Six Week Project Reflections

Marina's picture

For our six week project we focused on the contact zones of animals in captivity for entertainment. I find this topic incredibly interesting, but a little difficult to talk about definitively without having in depth knowledge about the economics and biology surrounding these animals. The struggle to change the treatment of these animals is nothing new, and while there have been minor victories on this front, I do not believe the problem will be fixed anytime in the foreseeable future. Although I feel strongly about seeking justice for these animals, the most realistic efforts I see myself making for now is spreading knowledge, to everyone I know, of the cruelty these animals are forced to endure on a day to day basis.

As a reflection on the other groups that presented, I found their topics extremely enlightening. I really enjoyed learning about the various contact zones I interact within without realizing. The most exciting part of this project for me was being able to see the wide range of topics people feel strongly about.