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Reflection on 6-week project!

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During the six-week project, I was able to learn a lot about the dining services at Bryn Mawr and local/ organic food in general. This six-week project taught me how much I could get acquainted with a subject that I had a mere interest in by taking some real actions to get to know it more –interviewing people related into the field, visiting relevant places that I have never been to, perceiving the world more critically and actually seeing things that I have simply disregarded before. Because of this project, I became more attached with the dining services in our college, because I got to know that dining hall faculties are trying their best to serve the best quality of food within their budget and to have better services. Also I realized that consuming local food actually helps the economy of the region and is better for our health by visiting the Mom’s organic market and interview the manager. I could also relate that with Taking Back the Market for I could see that I really can make my own choice of consumption reasonably and help the regional economy.

After listening to what other peers had presented, I got interested in the minimum wages of workers at the dining hall. As a worker in Erdman, and as a daughter of a runner of a little family restaurant in Korea, I know how much people are disrespectful toward the workers in such services. So I would like to know if the wages of the student workers in the dining hall could be increased by any chance, and to improve students’ perceptions toward the student workers.