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Through my project, I discovered the multiple levels of contact that occur in the buyer-seller relationship on the facebook 'For Sale For Free' page. I do not really think there is anything I specifically can continue with on my project, but I think that the things I learned from it are ideas that I will continue to think about in different areas of my life at Bryn Mawr. One of my biggest takeaways is thinking about the idea of the 'spirit of the honor code' and how it implicitly governs the ways in which the Bryn Mawr community communicates with one another. I think this term is applicable to contact in all aspects of the Bryn Mawr College community and is something I can continue to consider in all interactions I have at Bryn Mawr. 

From watching all the presentations I learned about many things that I do not often stop to consider in my life. The presentations opened my mind to things I feel I should pay more attention to, and now will make an effort to pay attention to. Just this morning I as I was eating breakfast in the dining hall I was thinking about the presentation on wages for workers in dining services. I was thinking about my interaction with the student who swiped my onecard at the door, and I realized that I see that student all the time, but I do not even know the student's name. I think it would be nice if everyone who works in dining services wore nametags. I know that the person's name and class year are written on the sleeve of their work shirt, but it is not visible enough that you would notice it during a short interaction like walking into the dining hall. In many stores and restaurants employees wear nametags so people can address them by name. I think especially in dining services, where the workers are our own peers it would be nice to get to know the workers more as individuals and be able to address them the same way in and out of the dining halls.