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The reasons to pick London Room

Alison's picture

I found Thomas London Room by accident. When I search the place for the ESEM class, I saw an interesting article posted on a blog called 10 Best Study Spaces That Aren’t Your Room in Bryn Mawr. I was attracted by the description about London Room there: “Good luck finding it, but when you do, It makes you feel like you’re an elegant princess studying for her princess exams.” I think it would be interesting to have the class in such an elegant place and to experience the feelings of studying like a princess or prince, possibly. So I pick this place. When I saw this room, I was not disappointed. The room’s wall is gorgeous with many fine porcelain plates and old London-themed books. Surrounded by so much historical things, I have a wonderful feeling which is more than words to describe. I imagined myself was placed into a room many years ago, reading novels, exchanging ideas and talking with others. My thought is more active in this place, as I can stop thinking about the history in Bryn Mawr and the events happened in this room when setting there. Bryn Mawr is a place with a long history, and it’s cool that we can still feel the “vestige” of it.