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Quotes on Identity and Environment in All Over Creation

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1. pg. 242

"And there it was: the unbearable truth, popping out of my own damn mouth. Slowely, I put it all together. "I ran away because I loved him. I ran away because he used to love me, and then somewhere along the line, when he couldn't control me anymore, he just stopped, you know?" Bewildered, I looked up at Cass. "I couldn't stand that."


2. pg. 254

"It was his soil, built up carefully with generous rotations of nitrogen fixing crops, year agter year. Recycling nutrients. Never taking out more than you gave back. So different from the way they farmed potattoes now. This soil still had life..."


3. pg. 267

"Plants have a right to life, too." 

And then I lost it. I looked at Geek, and then at Lyod, and then back again. The wor of them- the young radical environmentalist and the old fundamentalist famer- made a ridiculous alliance, and I started to laugh. "Oh, wow! That's the kind of pro-life bullshit that drove me out of here in the first place!" 

Lloyd brought his fist down on the arm of a chair. "A life is a life" he said. His eyes were bloodshot, and he could barely choke out the words. "It is God's gift! How can you be so careless?"