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Questions for In-class Discussion

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I found "Steps to the Recovery of Ecological Intelligence" to be much more confusing than any of the other articles because it focuses on a much broader variety of topics. A question I have specifically regarding this reading is, why are technological inventions such as the internet a danger to cultural diversity? Besides Bowers, I chose to focus on the article, "Stacy Alaimo: Porous Bodies and trans-Corporeality," because it not only refers to microbiomes, but the influences of other ecosystems upon them. In class I would like to discuss the "tendency in the humanities to see matter as a blank slate."

C.E. Bowers, "Steps to the Recovery of Ecological Intelligence." OMETECA 43: 14-15.

 Larval Subjects (Levi R. Bryant), Stacy Alaimo: Porous Bodies and Trans-Corporeality (May 24, 2012).