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More Worth Than We Know

Alexandra's picture


I love the subtlety in this picture. 
The scenic and bright picture could easily be captioned "Girl on rocks over looking the beautiful beach" or even "Santa Marinella, Italy".
However, that does not represent the entire meaning of this picture. I love that by looking at this picture, many viewers may have different ideas. The picture evokes different interpretations. And I see this as a reflection of myself. I have been called loud and friendly, or quiet and pensive. I have been daring at times in my life; when I acted with bravado in a place of uncertainty and fear. But I have also excluded myself from opportunities that may have strongly impacted my character. I have given every part of myself and, in return, received great gifts and met amazing people. But I have also devoted my life to people who hurt me.
The girl in this picture is many things. She is present, she is free spirited, and she is adventurous. She loves people, she is calm and reserved. But this girl is scared sometimes and forgets to make mature decisions. She tries to act with wisdom and care but sometimes...she just wants to escape life. The girl in this picture is open to new places and experiences, but hides deep parts of her from everyone she knows.
This girl has a story and few people will ever know or understand it. Simply looking at a picture will not entail her emotions, her struggles, her identity. Though this picture represents who she is..who I am.