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A Message to Van Jones

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Dear Van Jones,

Before I even get into the main point of your activism, I would like to express how admirable I find your speaking skills. Even without the uplifting messages you are trying to send, your way of speaking to various groups of people and relating to every single one of them is remarkable. Regarding your interview with Elizabeth Kolbert, "Greening the Ghetto," your ideas of involving impoverished citizens in the act of stopping global warming is pure genius! The concept that in saving the planet we can also be supplying people with jobs and, consequently better lives, seems almost too good to be true. The resistance group I am currently a part of works towards spreading knowledge of the hazardous effects of genetically modified food stuffs. Our aim is to gather as many people as possible from as many different social groups as possible. In doing so we intend to use the power of the masses to encourage change. I would love to hear more about the ways you plan to implement this method of shrinking the gap of wealth in the U.S. in a way that encourages greener energy. If there is any way for my friends and I to help in spreading support let me know!

Best Regards,


Environmental Activist