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Meeting in Rhoads Quiet Study Room

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I wanted to meet somewhere in Rhoads because I like the feeling of closeness between the Rhoads dining hall and the dorm I lived in when we met there. Usually we create a distance between home and class, and it feels different when the two are close together. I had a hard time choosing between Rhoads QSR and the Rhoads common room, since the common room feels a lot more open but the QSR has better lighting and less distractions. I also wanted to meet in the Rhoads outdoor patio since there is a beautiful view that a lot of students don't see just getting from class to class, but the seats were wet from the rain. Once we were in the QSR I immediately felt like the room was more for studying alone rather than for discussion, which may have contributed to the initial tiredness and apathy, unlike the very academic setting of the London room. The weather was nice outside so I also felt really bad for not choosing a place outside or a place with better views. But after hearing the strong wind and loud sirens, maybe it was better to stay inside. But the cozy and casual environment may also have contributed to the more casual conversations about possible opening scenes, and I felt very at ease talking with my group, and I noticed that other groups felt comfortable too and had fun with the assignment.