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Location: The Glass Case

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On 1 December 2015, we had class in 'THE GLASS CASE'.

I didn't really choose this space, I initially chose the Goodhart music room, and my second choice was the theater - but we got kicked out of both. We ended up in a translucent box, but that's alright, because as my mother says, "you are where you're meant to be". This space is not usually thought of as the destination - but it is for me. I have had dance practice in the glass case every wednesday night for the past few months, so rather than be a transitory space, I see the glass case more as one where action occurs. I could attach lots of meaning to the glass aspect of the glass case: we were inside, yet, still surrounded by the outdoors, seperated only by a piece of glass that took away the sounds and scents of the open air. But the glass serves a dual purpose. During dance practice, we use the glass as a mirror, rather than see the nature beyond the barrier, we see ourselves, and reflect upon ourselves.