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A Letter To Van Jones

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Dear Van Jones,

I am Geek, a member of the Seeds of Resistance, who is trying to find and spread the improtance of healthy plants and food to people. After reading your interview "Greening the Ghetto" with Elizabeth Kolbert, I really admire you and appreciate your insistence. Also, I am on your side in the problem of should we stop the global warming and help the poor at the same time. I know it is reall hard to try to persuade people one thing that is not widely accepted, even if people sometimes know that it is right. You are so brave and persistant to give speech to as many people as you can. I also feel happy when I read that more and more people, especially white, affluent and middle aged people are going to your speech. You really succeeded! I think I should learn how to give strong speech from you because I need to spreed my thoughts to more people in different social groups! Not only farmers!If you can tell me how you convey your idea that will be really great! Thank you!