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  1. What sort of agency this new Earth should be granted? (4)

In respect to subject and object relationship between nature and human

Earth has now taken back all the characteristics of a full-fledged actor. (3)

Earth as an agitated and sensitive being, full of actions and movements.

Human societies resigned themselves to playing the role of the dumb object, while the nature has unexpectedly taken on that of the active subject! (12)


2. How the different types of entities mobilized in geostory might be able to swap the various traits that define their agencies? (6)

The definition of “trait”: a designation of the trading zone between former objects and former subjects. The material bond and the basic stroke of writing.

Semiotics vs Ontology

Animated vs Deanimated


3.The importance of taking real actions

Generals like Kutuzov and rivers like the Mississippi, their competences are defines long after their performances –what they do. (11)

As long as they act, agents have meaning. (12) 


Question: What does it mean to withdraw historicity or lose the inner narrativity from the world? How could thinking not in "scientific worldview", but in "material world" affects us to take actions?

Going back to the very first page, I want to ask the exact same question he raises: How can e simulataneously be part of such a long history, have such an important influence, and yet be so late in realizing what has happened and so utterly impotent in our attempts to fix it? (1)