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Just for fun

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My previous post regarding play acknowledged my love of playing in the garden and making fairy houses. My conviction in the existence of fairies—something that was an important aspect of my play—became problematic at a certain point. My belief in the presence of fairies was strong, to a point where I would argue with other students in my elementary school and be made fun of for my childish notion. They could all pretend, though they refused to believe. I didn't wanted to think that my play was pretend- it was real, it was full of purpose (to give fairies a home). This added a more fulfilling sense to my fun and games. My peers didn’t take to my understanding, and so I had to pretend that I was pretending. It was no longer a problem to the other children when I told them I knew that the house I made wasn’t really going to be used by fairies, so that’s what I had to tell them. For so long I faked my purpose of play, and now I’ve made it.