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Encounter with a Roomate

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            The initial email with simply a name, a dorm, and a room number. The sporadic emails full of bits and pieces of important communication strewn throughout the summer months. The FaceBook stalking. None of which truly prepared me for meeting my roommate.

            I walked into my dorm room a little past 9am on move in day. I was stressed, nervous, excited. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Would I like her? Would she like me? Our first interaction was awkward, each of us unsure of each other and ourselves. Unsure whether to hug or shake hands. Unsure who would get which bed. Each afraid a disaster would occur. Afraid of how little we knew about each other. Of how little we knew about the coming year. But sometimes things just work out. Sometimes you get lucky. With life. With school. With your roommate. So despite that initial awkward nervousness each of us exhibited, things worked out. And today? We are friends.