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culture and ecology

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First of all, I was really excited to read about "western philosophy" after writing an essay on it! Bowers's essay seems to validate my point about "western" being a descriptor of ideology more than location, and more complicated than what I wrote. The connection between cultural diversity and ecology makes sense to me but it is something I would like to explore deeper through discussion. I am also very interested in how linguistic diversity and cultural diversity allows for cultures to live with a small carbon footprint. Bowers references Rachel Carson in his essay which left me wondering if there were other ecologists before her from other cultures and traditions who were ignored due to "the colonizing language and deep cultural assumptions...Western style educational institutions." The analysis of intergenerational understanding and devaluing of traditions in favor of progress got me thinking about the traditions of Bryn Mawr, if they relate or connect in any way to ecological intelligence, or if they sustain the racist and white feminist beginnings of Bryn Mawr College.