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Cranberry Juice and Salt Water

Tralfamadorian's picture

Green grasses envelope me like a jacket that is just a little too tight, I lay here because where I'm from there are fire ants, their houses line the grasses like forts waiting to attack. Laying in these grasses that are devoid of these predators is a comfort, it makes me feel warm even when I know the waves are rushing onto the shore. On this day I was leaving a writing workshop, one that I grew to adore even after a few awkward days of sitting quietly in classes, sharing my thoughts with no one except the spiral notebook in front of me. After this passed it became home, a place where I felt like I belonged, a place with fireflies, and willow trees, and the most amazing pesto pasta. My mind seemed to go into overdrive feeling nostalgic for something that was right in front of me, it was bittersweet like cranberry juice and it tasted like salt water. Inevitably this day ended, day turned into night and I moved on.

Looking back on this experience and this photo I realized that I don't miss this place, I miss the feeling. It is good to find something where you are worry free, when you feel like you could walk through fire and come back unscathed, that's what I felt and I hope that one day this feeling will return again. Maybe it has something to do with the environment and maybe it has something to do with myself, either way I hope I find this feeling again at Bryn Mawr.