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Class Outside: A First Encounter

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            As we started out fourth week of class started we transitioned our topic of conversation to play. This got me thinking, why don’t we go outside and play ourselves? Why don’t we spice class up a little by changing our location? So I talked to Anne about it and she said we could try it! So on Thursday, September 24, 2015, our ESem class, Changing Our Stories, held its first class outside of the classroom. We held class on the green in between Taylor and Denbigh. Anne gave me the chance to start the class off with a little get to know you activity. I chose to do a name game because learning names is something I struggle with and learning each other’s names is exceptionally important. I think the game went well as well as the experience of the class overall. I really liked holding class outside or at the very least outside of a traditional classroom environment. It does open up a whole new world of distractions but it also opens up a whole new realm of classroom discussion. Rather than having to move desks to create a circle, instead we just naturally created that circle. I believe that having class outside of a traditional classroom will help enhance our class experience and bring us together more as a group.